Your Life Plan

You may be happy to know that you have a life plan.  The bad news, it is being planned by someone else, not you.

Lying behind the cry to ’save our planet’ is a political agenda.  This agenda is sweeping our country without notice.  Who could object to wanting clean air, clean water, good health?  No one can dispute such nobility.  It is not a question of is this good or bad.  The question lies in the hidden political agendas by which they are to be carried out, and how the implementation of these agenda will impact our lives.  This website is dedicated to the presentation of these political strategies.  Whether you deem them good or bad is entirely up to you. There can be no choice without awareness, and this awareness is my objective.  For other political musings and a plethora of research links I refer you to the Recycle Washington website.

You may not know it, but….

There is a plan for Social Equity, Economic Equity, and Biologic Equity

On our public education system – to prepare our children to live in a equitable world.

On our economy – to create partnerships between business and government, selecting favored businesses as a tool to help implement the policies with our taxpayer money.

On the environment – leading to controls on private property and business.

On health care – the new drive against obesity (as just 1 example) is leading directly toward controls on what we eat.

On farming – Sustainable Development policies that affect farmers production choices and outputs by regulating land, water, bio-equity, bio-diversity, chemicals, and genetics in the name of environmental protection.

On our social and cultural environment – where political correctness is controlling policy hiring practices, immigration policy, multiculturalism, marriage laws, etc.

On our mobility – with emphasis on carpools and public transportation and away from our freedom of personal transportation choices.

On public safety – where the rule of law and the court system is being challenged by new regulations that affect the right to privacy and unreasonable search and seizures.

On our Water-which seek to reduce the avg American household from a consumption of 100 gals/day to 26/gals/day.

And on Everything Else Not Included Above

To give you part of the picture, there is a comprehensive agenda for each of the following (and then some):

Global governance for peace and security
Global economic governance
International cooperation for development
Strengthening the multilateral trading system
International cooperation for protecting shared environmental resources
Global health
Biodiversity Initiative
Cities for Climate Protection
EcoMobility (mobility without dependency on the private car)
Climate Change & Sustainable Development
Energy for Sustainable Development
Sustainable Consumption & Production Patterns
Atmosphere, Water, Land, and Seas
Waste Management

As time and energy permit, I will begin to illuminate how legislation is extending into all the aforementioned areas.  My first post is intended as an overview to acquaint the reader with The Agenda 21 Protocols.


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